• In tune with nature


    Along with gravity, it’s one of the fundamental forces of nature that keeps everything in the universe ticking over.

    And that means you too. Every process in your body travels along your nerves in tiny electric pulses.

  • Too much of a good thing

    Nowadays, we’re bombarded by man-made electromagnetic fields from the gadgets we use – all day, every day. These electric fields can impact our body – inducing currents beyond those that happen naturally.

    This can disturb on our health and wellbeing – making us feel stressed or tense – and can even affect dogs, cats, bees and trees. EHS -electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a term applied to this problem..

  • Restoring the balance

    We’ve come up with a way to help. Our clever silicone bands emit a low-level electromagnetic field that blocks harmful frequencies. And because bees do so much for us, we’ve helped them out too – with beehive pads that let them keep on buzzing in peace.

    Live a happier, more balanced life – and bring Harmonee to your world. Harmonee - A force with nature