Harmonee Health FAQ’s

Q – Are the bands a sealed ring and if they are, how much stretch is in them (to get over the hand)?

A - They are an elasticated sealed ring; a M fits most women’s and small wrists and a L fits most men - we do have a small amount of XL bands if needed - so please contact us if you would like one.

Q – Do I have to wear the band on a specific wrist?
A – The band should be worn on the left wrist as the frequency transmissions from the band have to match both polarities within our bodies. Minute electric currents flow through us and they have a starting and finishing point just like a battery that has positive and negative terminals. The equivalent of those terminals is at the end of the left arm. The band picks up on both these 'terminals' which allows it to transmit or block both negative and positive frequencies.

Q - If I already have a skin complaint on the left wrist, will the band aggravate the condition?
A - If the condition is caused by frequency disturbances the skin should heal over after a period of time. However, the band contains platinum, aluminium and calcium salts and if you have a known intolerance to the platinum, this could cause a skin reaction. It is wise to ensure that if the band is worn when washing, the skin is dried thoroughly and all soap etc. is removed underneath the band.

Q - Can I wear it in the shower and how do I clean it?
A - Yes, the band is completely waterproof and can be worn in the shower. To clean it, just wash it with soapy water and dry it with a paper towel.

Q - Do I wear it continuously or can I take it off at night.
A - It can be worn continuously, but if you remove it at night, it is beneficial to keep it at the side of your bed.

Q - I have a five and a half inch wrist. Does the band have to be tight?
A - No, the band does not have to be tight as long as it makes contact with the skin on the left wrist.

Q - Can your Harmonee band be worn on the ankle as I’m not allowed to wear anything on my wrists, due to working practice and restrictions. Is this ok?
A - If it is not worn on the left wrist, it will only produce one polarity if worn on the ankle - positive on the left ankle and negative on the right ankle. The most effective use of the band in this particular case is to alternate between the ankles, left one day and right the next. Once out of the working environment transfer the band to the left wrist.

Q - If the band has just been released, how do you have so many testimonials?
A - We have been working on this amazing product for years and have had many people from many age ranges and backgrounds trialing some prototypes - these are where the testimonials have come from.

Q - Do you do a children's band?
A - Not yet - we are checking on child product regulations for health & safety, so we will let you know shortly.

Q - Does the band have a shelf life? Does it need recharging with electromagnetic frequencies?
A - No, the band will retain the frequencies for its lifetime, and will only need replacing if damaged or lost!

Q - Do I get discount if I order multiple bands?
A - Unfortunately not, we can however combine postage (just email us before placing an order).

Q - Can I become a distributor for Harmonee Health?
A - Yes of course. We would love to talk to you about becoming a distributor. Email us at info@harmoneehealth.com and we can discuss minimum purchase quantity we would require and how we will support you.

Q - Do you ship worldwide?
A - Yes we do. Email us for a quote if your country is not stated on our online order form.

Q - Is the wristband available in any other colour?
A - No not currently.

Q - What is a frequency interference or disturbance?
A - A simple way to explain this is to imagine you have just tuned in to your favourite radio program and the reception is perfect, which means your radio is tuned in exactly to the transmitted frequency for that station. Suddenly, the reception is crackly due to someone nearby using a piece of machinery that is not electrically suppressed and is transmitting an interference frequency on the same wavelength as the radio station. The principle is the same with extremely low frequency interferences; these are essential for our bodies to operate and, if these are interfered with, the body's functions can be disrupted and our wellbeing then suffers.

Q - Are the frequencies within the band harmful?
A - The frequencies used within the band are those that are always transmitted into us naturally from the Earth's encircling magnet field and are in no way harmful. The Earth's atmosphere filters out the majority of harmful shortwave frequencies, and that is why we only use the extremely low frequency long-wave range that is compatible and used by our own bodies, allowing our nervous system to operate correctly and efficiently.

For those that require a more scientific reply; this includes the transmissions from the ionosphere and is all natural sine waves with no digitally generated square or saw waves. We have only selected the fundamental range from 0.01Hz through to 99.99Hz at a resolution of 0.01, giving 9998 separate frequencies. We have been able to take a frequency scan from the clear night sky and embed them into a frequency analyser to confirm our frequency range is contained in that of the encircling atmosphere.

Q - Does the band do the healing?
A - No. The band has three functions. 1) It blocks out any incoming frequency interferences. 2) It removes the embedded frequency disturbances in your body. 3) Where any required frequencies have been broken, they are restored so that the immune system operates with the increased range of frequencies. So it is the immune system that does the healing.

Q - Why, when wearing the band, has my body reacted and the symptoms are worse?
A - We may not be aware, but our bodies can be conditioned to being out of sync and our brains adapt to that as the norm. To illustrate: a proportion of coffee drinkers that decide to abstain for a period experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and for some heavy drinkers, far worse. The nervous system has to readjust to the effects of removing caffeine and this manifests itself in the form of these headaches. However, after a period of time, the effects from the caffeine withdrawal are nullified and the body is brought back into sync and the headaches disappear. (Please have a look at: http://www.webmd.boots.com/healthy-eating/guide/caffeine-myths-and-facts for more information.)

The band may produce similar effects when the nervous system is detecting a change in the 'pain' area. When the detected symptom is caused by a frequency disturbance, the body will detect the change in that area and as that disturbance is blocked or removed, this may result in the symptom becoming more painful as the body detects the change in frequency.

Q - If my symptoms become worse, will they improve with time?
A - If the condition is caused by a transmitted interference frequency into the body, when that frequency disturbance is removed, the symptom will reduce or will disappear.

Depending on the severity of the condition and how long it has existed, it can be removed in days but may take several months. For instance, a user of the technology that suffered with heart arrhythmia for several years experienced no improvement for several weeks but over a period of six months, the arrhythmia gradually reduced and then completely disappeared.

Q - Does the band help all users?
A - No. It will only improve the wellbeing of a person if their condition is being caused by the absorption of frequency interferences that are then breaking the natural required frequencies used by their immune and nervous system.

Q - If I am on high medication from my doctor, do I stop or reduce my medication?
A - Definitely not. Many of the medicines prescribed by your medical professionals will not be affecting the frequency balance of your body. The band is used only to remove the frequency disturbances within you and to block out any unwanted transmission frequencies into you. If your condition improves, any decisions to reduce medication must be approved by your practitioner.

Q - Some say that low frequencies are dangerous. Is this the case with those used in the band?
A - Even the World Health Organisation recognises that electromagnetic fields can affect public health, but they have no concept that it is the transmission of frequency interferences in that range that are the actual danger. For instance, in our research program we have been studying the effect of frequency transmissions on flora and fauna, in particular honey bees. Where the bees have been subjected to low frequency transmissions from electrical power generation, the bee’s nature and wellbeing has been seriously affected. The power source was at 50hz but was found to be producing a large range of frequency interferences in addition.

Our technology was able to block out just the frequency disturbances from that power source. This resulted in the bees returning back from their aggressive state into the natural harmony expected of calm bees (search YouTube for: killer angry bees: cured and saved). The 50Hz power source was not removed and was still transmitting. However, it now has no further affect on the bees.

This is the same with all electrical power generation and power supply lines, electrical devices, mobile phones, computers etc. Our band has the ability to lock out and permanently block these associated interference disturbance frequencies.

Q - If frequencies are disturbed or broken in our body's system, can they be 'repaired'?
A - Yes. The first stage is to block out the frequency interference transmissions from outside sources and then transmit those required frequencies that are programmed in the band back into our body to restore them.

Q - Why can you say the band is based on frequency science?
A - Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a pathological sensitivity to electromagnetic fields in the environment. EHS is not a recognised medical diagnosis so ignorance of the subject by academia and the medical profession cause them to state there is no scientific basis for it. However, our researchers are now able to detect the frequency disturbances that can affect the required frequencies our nervous systems use. If these are broken, then our health and well being will be compromised. By blocking frequency disturbance transmissions into our bodies, we can restore the immune system's frequency signature enabling it to fight at full strength any invading threats to our well being and health. See the testimonials at https://harmonee-health.myshopify.com/pages/some-testimonials to see if this technology could be of benefit to you.

This band has changed the wellbeing of those with failing health that are affected by extremely low frequency interference transmissions. Our research has shown that if these are affecting the honeybees and other flora and fauna, what can they do to us humans?

(For the scientist reading this.) This band incorporates two metal salts at either end of the electromotive series with calcium silicate as the resistor to control the strength of the frequency transmissions when worn on the left wrist, so as to use the body's voltage to attain the correct amplitude for the band. We are then able to affect a chemical shift in the silicone material so that the electron pattern produced is able to embed other electron patterns of any other material (quantum superposition). So we are able to program into the band 10,000 separate extremely low sinewave frequencies that have a two fold effect. 1) This number of frequencies blocks the absorption of frequency disturbances into our bodies using saturation technology. 2) The natural frequencies required by our bodies are restored by the band's transmissions so that our immune system can be restored.

Q - Is your technology accepted by academia and any other scientific organisation?
A - No. However, all individual participants to date, whether scientific or non scientific have been convinced by the use of the technology and are mystified why academia has blocked or ignored our approaches and communications.

Q - Is this technology in the band unique to the Harmonee Band?
A - Yes. The technology used within the band cannot be reverse engineered to see how it works.

Q - Can I have a natural resistance to frequency disturbance in my body?
A - Yes. If you are generally a healthy person and have a strong immune system, you will have the ability to tolerate these frequency disturbances into your body. Unfortunately, if the body is under attack from viruses or bacteria, etc., the frequency interference can be locked in and embedded and that is when the wellbeing of a person can be threatened. That is where the Harmonee Band comes into its own, blocks the incoming interference and restores any broken frequency.

Q - What are your findings with mobile phones?
A - All the mobile phone companies recognise that the high frequencies they use can have an effect on the human body and, in particular, the brain. That is why they state in the very small print of their instruction sheets that the phone should not be held up against the ear. They recommend a gap between the phone and your body. But what none of the manufactures are aware of, or publicise is that mobile phones also transmit a number of low frequency interferences that can also affect your wellbeing. The band when worn on the left wrist will block out just these low frequency interferences.

Q - I have a condition known as Situs Inversus. Does this mean that I have an opposite source of polarities in my body, and if so, should I wear the band on the right wrist?
A - Yes, the band should be worn on the right wrist. Situs inversus (also called situs transversus or oppositus) is a very rare congenital condition in which the major visceral organs are reversed or mirrored from their normal positions. The normal arrangement of internal organs is known as situs solitus while situs inversus is generally the mirror image of situs solitus.
We have tested a person with this condition and their polarity source was confirmed to be on the right wrist, the opposite of those with the normal position for their major organs.