Some Testimonials

We have been busy trialing our wristbands for over a year. Here are a few things people have said...

My headaches have gone, 34 year old pregnant female
I've been wearing the Harmonee band for 2 weeks....I'm sleeping better and my headaches have gone!!

We are NEVER taking them off, 40 year old female
Amazing results for M***** & I, who have been wearing them for just over 3 weeks. I have had the most painful knee swelling for 2 years everyday which has resulted in not being able to go on the easiest of walks exercising or even swimming without by the end of the day my knees swelling to the point of I couldn't bend them ...... well exactly a week ago after realising I could walk up the stairs at the end of the day without any swelling !!! Put them to the test next day with ice skating ......again NO SWELLING or inflammation!! Did lunges .....NO SWELLING OR PAIN !!! I'm so excited and relieved as not being active has made me feel frustrated and disappointed at 40 I thought that's it, my riding bikes/long hikes with the children was over. I'm blown away by the results.
As for M***** well he hasn't been able to kneel on his knees in over a year with out serious shooting pains! A day after I discovered I was feeling the effects M***** declared by walking around the floor on his knees NO PAIN !!! And the pain in his arm joints GONE !
ENOUGH SAID !! We are NEVER taking them off.

Using this technology has given me a new lease of life, 66 year old female
Health: Affected all my life from age of four with lung disease with surgery to remove lung section.
Prone to frequent lung infections. Also irritable bowl for five years and skin rashes.
I started using the band technology approximately 18 months ago with positive affect . Thought I would not get through another winter. I was told that breathing would become more difficult as I got older. I find now that I do not get the infections in the lungs that I used to and my body feels stronger and able to fight any colds quickly which are now few and far between. Yes I still need the inhaler but mostly in the winter.
Where I used to have a cold every three weeks or so, with bouts of bronchitis, I haven’t had bronchitis at all this last winter. If I need any other help, I use essential oils.
In addition, I use the intolerance sensor tester (and the house blocker) to ensure that I do not eat the problem foods and this has cured my irritable bowl syndrome. Also eczema on my elbows and chest has now cleared.
Using this technology has given me a new lease of life and I would not be without it.

I wouldn't be without it, 33 year old male
Health: good
I have been wearing the band now for nearly a year, and i have noted significant effects. Initially i was sceptical as I am always very hard to be convinced by new “miracle cures”. But to be honest since wearing the band I haven’t experienced more than the threat of a cold. When the rest of my family have been ill I have been able to carry on unafraid of catching it. I have also noted a significant improvement in Athletes foot.
Essentially as I am quite healthy though I didn't expect to feel any benefit but I now I wouldn't be without it.

I sleep longer and better, 71 year old female
I have been wearing the Harmonee band for about a year since wearing it I have noticed that I sleep longer and better.
I also seem to be resistant towards all the viruses and bugs that are becoming more commonplace these days.
I would definitely recommend it to others and would be extremely loathe to part with mine.

Athletes foot has gone, 39 year old male
Health : good
I have been wearing a Harmonee band for 5 months, and was just curious as to any benefits it would make - I have suffered with athletes foot for most of my adult life, during that time I have wearing the Harmonee band. I have not a single bout of athletes foot. My immunity seems to be more resilient also as many friends and family not wearing a Harmonee band have suffered with colds and viruses which I have escaped.

It's like an invisible hero, 32 year old female
I'm the kind of person who uses mobile gadgets all the time and very much aware of electromagnetism. When I found out about the Harmonee bracelet I was very happy that there is finally a product which can help me minimise the effects. Harmonee is like an invisible hero always on guard protecting you from unnecessary electromagnetic waves. I definitely feel calmer now that I'm wearing it. It also looks very nice and goes with any look.

It has changed my life, 70 year old male
Health: now good
I have had a number of health problems over the past five years and I accept that some are incurable. Two years ago, my heart arrhythmia was so bad that I was destined for a pacemaker and medication. After wearing the Harmonee band for approximately 3 months, the heart arrhythmia started to reduce and has now virtually disappeared. It has changed my life as I am able to lead a normal active life with restored energy.
Also the fungus on my toenails is greatly reduced. Before wearing the band my toenails were covered.

My heart palpitations have stopped, 37 year old female
I have been wearing the band for 3 months now, in that time I have not had any negative effects, I have noticed however that my heart palpitations which I have suffered with for over 15 years have stopped – literally stopped over night when I started wearing the band.

I have more get up and go, 23 year old female

I have found the bands to be incredibly helpful. I find that's although I may still get the colds that are going around. Others have them for months and I have them for a week at the most. They have helped me feel much more energetic. I have more get up and go. Thank you.

I feel healthier and have hardly had any illness, 33 year old male
I am quite a sceptic on most things, but I thought, what have I got to lose, for many years I seem to have nonstop colds and general illness. Since wearing the Harmonee band something has really changed. I still get the odd cold but overall I feel healthier and have hardly had any illness.

There are definite benefits, 43 year old female
My heart arrhythmia seems much better and my psoriasis has been a lot better. There are definite benefits and I can only assume that it is down to using the blocker in the house and the Harmonee wrist band. As yet no noticeable difference in energy levels.

Not had a cold yet, 48 year old male
Although I generally have a strong constitution I must say that although being surrounded by many who have had colds etc. I have up till now not had a cold all year. It is hard to ascertain to what extent the Harmonee bands have made a difference as my health is usually pretty good but there have been no bad effects.

Well done, 66 year old female
Good to know the Harmonee bands can give your body the chance to renew itself and give the needed protection from harmful emissions that are all around us. Well done for coming up with such a unique idea.

Don’t know how it works, not sure why but it seems to, 55 year old male
Total sceptic!! Since wearing a Harmonee band the inflammation on my knee has gone….Which I don’t understand as this has been troubling me for years, my eczema has not changed, not had any colds of viruses since wearing the band … again which is weird!! Don’t know how it works, not sure why but it seems to!

The heavy fatigue pains have gone, 49 year old female
I no longer feel the unexplained abdominal pains that I had and the heavy fatigue pains have gone since wearing the Harmonee band.

Increased levels of energy, 60 year old male
I have not suffered any problems with my teeth and have noticed increased levels of energy since wearing the Harmonee band.
Also I no longer experience any pain in my hip or knee.

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